Is anyone picking San Diego to win Super Bowl XLVIII this year besides myself and a bunch of San Diegans? Vegas Insider has the Chargers as the biggest long shot in the playoffs at 50 to 1. The ESPN NFL Live crew all picked the Bengals to win their wildcard matchup – they don’t think the Chargers will get past the first round.

RCode2One common data preparation step, particularly with time series data, is conversion from wide form to long form, and vice-versa.

Since 2000, it appears that NFL franchises have really begun to separate themselves from the other major North American sports leagues in terms of franchise valuations (at least according to Forbes’ annual data).

responsiveI’ve been developing websites for a long time – since the days of Netscape Navigator and Alta Vista. And, I’ve managed to learn a thing or two along the way. Recently a few of my friends have asked me for advice on how to get a blog or website up and running, where to find good deals, good customer service, what to look out for, etc.